IT & Computer

The correct handling of electronic waste is a recent and critical issue for the environment, affecting sustainability in both consumerism and business.

eCycleIT specializes in equipment refurbishing and recycling, helping businesses to dispose of e-waste responsibly. When you send us your outdated equipment, it will be refurbished and re-marketed, dismantled for parts and part-recycled, or fully dismantled and recycled. Re-marketing is our first choice and recycling our second, as this uses the least amount of energy. This process allows products and components to find new life before they eventually break or are rendered obsolete, and must finally be recycled.


Hard Drive Data

All businesses need reliable, trustworthy service to ensure sensitive data is fully eradicated and/or hardware destroyed, according to DOD and NIST standards.

Our physical hard drive destruction services ensure that all destroyed materials are recycled responsibly, conforming to the regulations of the EPA. This critical step physically breaks down the enclosure and the platters which store the data, rendering data retrieval impossible. The process results in materials such as precious metals, alloys and plastics, which are then further processed and recycled by our R2 Certified downstream vendors. We have a strict no-landfill policy, so clients can achieve the data security they need and still meet their environmental obligations.