Our Values

Behind every service we provide stand the core values of eCycleIT: A commitment to the environment, a commitment to our clients, and a commitment to our employees.

A Commitment to the Environment

Owing to advances in recycling technology, we no longer need to rely on landfills for electronic waste disposal or employ costly, ineffective recycling programs. Now, it is commercially viable to offer e-recycling services that keep IT equipment from ending up in landfills, once and for all. Our first priority is to salvage electronics for re-marketing, as this is more energy-efficient than recycling. As a result, absolutely NONE of our services dump anything in the landfill.

We no longer need to rely on landfills for e-waste disposal

We break down equipment into components, which are then sent to vendors for recycling. We only work with R2 Certified downstream vendors, which ensures industry-best practices for recycling. These vendors promote the safest, most effective recovery of electronic materials, thereby minimizing the environmental risk posed by electronic refuse.

A Commitment to Our Clients

To us, company values are just as important as protecting the environment, and this is why we offer the highest level of service to our clients. Whatever needs you have, you can trust us to always do the right thing, to educate you about new services as they become available, and to help you surpass your recycling and data security obligations.

A Commitment to Our Employees

Lastly, we value the significance of the workplace. We believe it is vital to provide employees with a safe and fun working environment, one that is exciting and rewarding, and that seeks out and embraces new ideas to overcome new challenges. When our employees feel valued, so do our clients.