Data Destruction of Hard Drives

As IT expands to every corner of the globe, businesses and organizations of all sizes are abandoning physical record keeping and committing to digital data storage and transfer. Where sensitive data is concerned, new responsibilities are coming to the forefront, and the issue of security is becoming increasingly crucial. Personal data kept on file, such as bank account details and medical information, must be deleted according to government regulations.

Erasing the data by simply deleting files manually or formatting drives is not enough

It is paramount that certain information be protected, and this is especially true for storage media that reaches the end-of-life stage. However, simply erasing the data by manually deleting files or re-formatting drives is not enough-reliable, trustworthy service is required to ensure sensitive data is fully eradicated and/or hardware destroyed according to DOD and NIST standards. Without it, you put the sensitive data of your business, your clients and your customers at risk, ultimately placing the reputation of your company on the line. eCycleIT is here to prevent this from happening.

Through multiple destruction measures, including data wiping, standard data erasure, degaussing (magnetic field erasure to render the storage disk inoperable), and mechanical destruction, eCycleIT helps businesses surpass their data safety obligations, and thereby protect their livelihood. Our processes are efficient and effective, meet all current DOD and NIST standards, and ensure 100% data destruction.

Clients with general security concerns can utilize our on-site disk destruction services to render disk drives completely inoperable and unreadable. For clients with higher security obligations, erasure as well as destruction is provided in a two-stage process.

The first step is to wipe all hard drive data with professional data-wiping software. This delivers a comprehensive record of disk drive information and deleted units, an editable certificate of destruction of digital data. This certificate provides the proof clients need to comply with government regulations.

Next, our physical disk destruction services, used in conjunction with IT & Computer Recycling, ensure that all destroyed materials are properly recycled in compliance with EPA regulations and with eCycleIT's strict no-landfill policy.