IT & Computer Recycling

Electronic products are a staple of modern life. 438 million electronic consumer products were sold in 2009; roughly double the amount sold a decade previously, and well over double for many popular products like cell phones. With the rise of electronics comes the rise of e-waste, and the correct handling of this waste is a recent and critical issue for the environment, affecting sustainability in both consumerism and business.

Despite initiatives in recent years and an increase in public awareness, high proportions of computers and similar technology are still reaching the landfill unnecessarily. In 2009, only 25% of consumer electronics ready for end-of-life management were recycled, meaning that millions of tons of electronic waste are being dumped each year, at a very high cost to our planet.

Computers and similar electronic products contain a myriad of materials such as metals, plastics, silicon and chemicals. Many of these are environmentally hazardous, and improper disposal can lead to the release of toxins and carcinogens like mercury and cadmium. Failing to recycle electronic components in full compliance with environmental guidelines can result in large penalties for businesses.

When you partner with us, NONE of your equipment will end up in a landfill

Should you choose not to recycle your IT and computer products, you could be harming the environment, letting viable electronic components go to waste, increasing your carbon footprint, and exposing your company to financial risk. For these reasons, it is vital that your business handle its e-waste properly, or employ the services of a company like us to do it for you. eCycleIT, a start-up company, was created to address these problems and help your business meet its environmental obligations while conforming to the latest standards.

The Recycling Process

IT equipment can include copper heat sinks, aluminum and alloys in HDDs and casings, and precious metals in CPUs. Components like these need to be separated and sorted for either refurbishment or recycling. Many computer systems and components still have life left in them, and from an environmental standpoint, it is always better to refurbish and re-market products before recycling.

When you send eCycleIT your outdated equipment, it will be refurbished and re-marketed, dismantled for parts and part-recycled, or fully dismantled and recycled. Re-marketing is our first choice and recycling our second, as this uses the least amount of energy. This process allows products and components to find new life before they eventually break or are rendered obsolete, and must finally be recycled.

For technology that is obsolete or irreparable, we dismantle and extract the components, then send them to our R2 Certified downstream vendors for full recycling. The R2 (Responsible Recycling Practices Standard) recycling certification is a mark of environmental responsibility and compliance with domestic and international standards and laws, as well as health and safety.

When you partner with us, NONE of your equipment will end up in a landfill. Our e-waste practices are fully EPA-compliant with local, state and federal regulations and laws. Owing to the efficiency of our process and the many advantages available with e-recycling, we are able to take all computer equipment at little or no cost to our customers, so you can do your part responsibly, without experiencing a financial burden.