About Us

eCycleIT is a 2012 startup company based in the Greater Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio area. We provide IT & Computer Recycling and Data Destruction services to help businesses responsibly reduce environmental e-waste and meet their data security obligations.

At eCycleIT, the environment is of utmost importance to us. With so much of our technology still ending up in the landfill, we recognize the need for environmentally responsible IT recycling and e-waste management, to ensure the future of technology remains sustainable and positive.

We also recognize the importance of data security. The digital age has resulted in many new security implications for data storage, and our services are designed to ensure that sensitive material is completely eradicated with advanced data erasure, as well as physical destruction procedures.

Join us in our vision for a cleaner and safer tomorrow. Contact eCycleIT today to learn how we can provide effective and affordable solutions for all of your e-waste management and data security needs.